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Default [WIP] Acekard: FAQ and Tutorial

Acekard - FAQ and Tutorial

The Acekard series is a long-running set of flashcards for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi and Nintendo 3DS. And along with it, it contains a lot of useful tools and third-party software that you can use to maximize the potential of the card. This thread will point out some of the features of the card versus other cards of similar kinds, and it will also point out the must-haves for this flashcard.

The Acekard started as a simple, non-updatable card called the Acekard RPG. Which looks like this. Then, once it was discovered that Nintendo had begun to implement firmware revisions in their DS systems, they produced a newer card that could counteract the Anti-Piracy measures implemented in these newer firmware revisions. Clever hackers discovered that firmware revisions could be figured out by removing a DS game card or Gameboy Advance game while the user was using Pictochat, which could also show them what card was able to be used on their system.

NOTE: The iQue is the Nintendo DS that is released in China, just under a different name.

Version 1 Firmware: Pictochat simply hangs - No colors appear.
Version 2 Firmware: Greyish-Blue screens
Version 3 Firmware/iQue Firmware: Dark Green screens
Version 4 Firmware: Golden yellow screens
Version 5 Firmware: Magenta screens (Most DS Lites have this, as well as some original DS units)
Version 6 Firmware: Dark Blue screens
Version 7 Firmware: No crash - Pictochat still continues to function

After it was discovered that there were firmwares, Acekard made a newer card that could counteract these firmware checks, and used a method that is still used today - fake headers. What this does is uses a header, whether real or fake, to "verify" the card's legitimacy. Then, the DS is essentially fooled and runs the card as it is. However, when the Nintendo DSi was released, it was a curveball. Not only did they face newer anti-piracy techniques, but the system could also be updated. Which meant that cards could essentially become blocked, and not be able to run. When this happened, Team Acekard responded with the Acekard 2i, which was an updateable card that was compatible with the Nintendo DSi. It worked by using modified game headers that had specific security flaws in them, which would boot to their own code. And all was good for a while.

...Then the Nintendo 3DS came along. People expected it would work on it with a software update, and as predicted, Team Acekard used the same method of faking games. And all was good. However, Nintendo threw a curveball at flashcard producers. Within the system menu 4.4.0-10 that was released to 3DS users, they employed a new anti-piracy method that the team could not overcome. What happened is the new system menus now can check for the legitimacy of save data. And because the Acekard isn't designed to hold save data, or even dummied save data, they could not continue to update. And from there, they ran out of steam. They've urged users not to update, however, it isn't that hard to find another Nintendo system to run it on. If you're a fortunate user that hasn't updated their system, or they have another system to run their Acekard on, there is a plethora of software you can use on this card. It's not as powerful (or as pricey) as other cards that exist, so it does have its pros and cons. First, let's get down to the software aspect. What should I use?

AKAIO - Acekard All In One

Before I even mention what AKAIO is, we need to get to the basics. If you pop in an Acekard into a DS, and run it without a memory card, or even just a blank memory card, you won't get very far. You'll be stuck at a LOADING screen. What is it loading? Why, it's loading an Acekard firmware! Or, it's trying to, anyway. So you go on the official Acekard site and download the official Acekard Firmware. Well, hold up there. It's all fine and dandy that you found a firmware, but there's a few problems with doing just that. Problems such as...
  • The official firmware may not work with the latest and greatest games
  • It may be buggy
  • It may be lacking in compatibility
  • It may have reduced functionality
  • Nobody on the internet (besides you) may be using it anymore
So what should I do? Use nothing? Let my Acekard become a lackluster paperweight? NO. You should use the best firmware for the Acekard, AKAIO. AKAIO stands for Acekard - All In One, and it is by far, the best firmware you can find for the Acekard, for many reasons. For one, it offers the latest in compatibility, so you don't have to worry about Anti-Piracy functions implemented in games. And not only that, but AKAIO also features many special features, such as online save backup and online updating, as well as customizable skins that are also compatible with the R4 (Revolution 4 DS) card as well (Under the Wood R4 firmware).

QUESTION! Where do I get this... AKAIO?
Answer: Why, from the official site, where their loaders are located. Be sure to get the version of AKAIO that is for the card you have, though.

From here, simply copy the contents of the downloaded file to your EMPTY SD card. Don't put it in any special fancy folder, just copy it as-is to the empty memory card. Then, get games. Some of these, I can't tell you where they are, but others, which are aptly called "Public Domain Games" or Homebrew by the community, I can. However, there are too many sites, but a Google search of "Nintendo DS Homebrew" should yield many several results to your liking. Once you've copied some games to your DS, pop in the memory card and you're off to the races! ...Hopefully. If you do have that LOADING screen, you're good to go. But, if you don't, and you get an error instead, you may have to do a few extra steps to get it working.

Why the hell is my Acekard not working?

There can be many reasons. First, the Acekard RPG is not compatible with the DS Lite or anything newer. They're all blocked and will not work. The Acekard 2 will work on most DS Lites, as well as all original DS systems. They will not work on Nintendo DSi or newer. The Acekard 2i, however, will work on ANY Nintendo DS system, with some restrictions. If your card simply isn't read on a DS Lite, stop using an Acekard RPG and update for once. If you're using an Acekard 2 (Or an Acekard 2i) and are getting errors, make sure that you're using the Acekard 2 on a Lite, and if you're on a DSi or 3DS, then you have some extra leg work to do before it starts working for you. First of all, you'll have to download the latest Acekard 2i update, and get a friends' system to do this. To get the latest Acekard update, click these very words to download it directly from the Acekard website.

Notice: To ensure that this update works on your system, your DSi or 3DS must be out of date, since the team has not released an update for the latest System menu revisions. This update will work on DSi firmware 1.4.4 and on 3DS firmware 4.3.0. To check your firmware, do the following steps:

1. From the main menu, tap the "System Settings" icon.
2. On the bottom-right of the top screen, it will say "Ver X.X.X (U, E, or J depending on your region). If it says anything higher than 1.4.4, this update will not work and your DSi will block the card. You will need an older DSi or DS model to run it.

1. From the Home Menu, tap the "System Settings" icon.
2. Just like the DSi, look in the bottom-right of the top screen. If it shows anything newer than 4.3.0 (Like 4.4.0), your 3DS will not run the card.

If the firmware versions are earlier (using smaller numbers) than what is listed here, you are safe. However, if it still refuses to boot, you will need to update. Open the folder from the link above to see two .nds files. Use the DS Lite one if you're on a DS Lite or older, and the DSi one if you're on a non-updated DSi or 3DS. Follow the instructions on the screen TO THE LETTER. Then, once done, put the Acekard in your system and it should boot to the menu. From here, you have a world of options.

======Will be edited later. It's really damn late and I need sleep. why am i still up like really.======
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Thank you for your time, PHO. I won't soon forget it.
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