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Zoe Ayamoto
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Zoe Ayamoto
Default Pokemon Sterling Silver: The Ice Fury


Name: Pokemon Sterling Silver: The Ice Fury
Base: Pokemon Silver (U)
Original Creators: Pyro and Mateo
Developed by: ~G0LD! and Mateo

About the Hack

Pokemon Sterling Silver was created and developed in the 2007 by Mateo and Pyro like the first Skeetendo Hack, but the hack was be cancelled in the same year, but some ideas was recycled to the next Skeetendo hacks. In the 2013 the hack was be reinstated by FireSlasher, but he never show great works on the hack, and now, have 1 year without notices and updates.

But this year, the are reinstated again, but have much more, because my other hack Pokemon Ice silver was cancelled, Mateo and I decide make a "fusion" of both hacks, taking the ideas and storyline of both hacks, forming this new hack, and making a fully new hack.


(Sorry if is a bit odd, was translated by Babilon Translator)

=5 years back, Sevii Islands=

Everything begins 5 years back with a strange woman, who time behind
part was of now extinct Team Rocket, she feigned to be a part of the best
group of soldiers that Giovanni recruited to obtain Deoxys, for
it spoils in the end Giovanni did not obtain s Deoxys, but she if I achieve it, already
that was ordered by Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic like spy for
to snatch from Deoxys to Giovanni once this one was capturing it.

= 3 years back, Sinnoh Region=

Two years went on from the events of Team Rocket and Deoxys, the Team Galactic is in the climax of the end of its plan to govern Sinnoh, and sign the victory of its leader Cyrus needed the power of Darkrai nightmares to be the perfect team along with the trio of space - time-distorsion, one had ordered to obtain Darkrai, any more she did not continue the orders of its leader, and I manage to design a plan for to obtain the real Darkrai, which I capture successfully, more not he shared its victory with Team Galactic, making them abandoning and escaping of the Sinnoh region, in the end three boys of Twinleaf Town ended up by finishing with Team Galactic and the existence of its leader Cyrus.

It is known that this girl has founded her own group of criminals, acquaintances as Team Enigma, who have taken like new secret storage the Johto regions and It Beat, only to expire with its end.

= Actuality, Johto Region=

3 years after the Gold's travel for the region of Johto and of the events in Sinnoh, a new legend waits for be writing.

It is a normal day in City Cherrygrove, airs are breathed of calmness, and a little of sense of expectancy for the opening of the new gym of the city, and since they could not be missing, the most famous boys appear of the city, they are Ice and Bolt, is the most well-known boys not for being distinguished boys, but for being always cause problems all time in the city, in addition to using almost any place as Skateboarding Place.

More this day was different, since they had come to almost the outskirts of the city, almost close to the gym when they come across with a girl that
it is lost by the city, since it was coming from Sinnoh and never it had been in Johto, and only he needed to know where it had to go for to come to New Bark Town, but before setting off, appear two men of Blue and Gray suits that identify like soldiers of the Team Enigma, after to try to kidnap the girl, but while it struggles two boys realize that there is three pokeball in the bag of the girl.

Dissesperated on not having known that to do, they decide to take a pokeball every one and to use the Pokemon of its interior, and so they begin a battle with
criminals, who, on having underestimated the boys, end up by losing the battle, with that the soldiers leave, more they promise to return.

After this event and to manage to liberate the girl, she is grateful to them and takes them to come to New Bark Town, where the Prof Elm waits for his, when the Prof. Elm know the events on Cherrygrove, he decide that they boys can preserve the Pokemon that they used for
to defend the Girl, and also he entrusts to them the work of completing the PokeDex, because Johto has a change in the distribution of the Pokemon in
last years and he needs to fill it again.

And so he is like both boys they take different ways finding the glory, more in the trip not everything is so easy as it seems, since Team Enigma it continues with its evil intentions, more this time they are serious.
The leader of Team Enigma looks at all costs for the power to have to more powerful Pokemon of its side, since having in its power Deoxys and Darkrai, only him wants to have the Ice Legendary Dragon, the most powerful of all, which is dispersed in three well-known beings like Zekrom, the dragon of the ideals, Reshiram, the dragon of the truth and Kyurem, the dragon of the balance.

Once three dragons are together and having enougn gamma beams in the DNA Splices, kyurem it will be capable of absorb to Zekrom and Reshiram at same time, forming so the Mythical original legendary Dragon, and to complete to perfect team, with which, on having joined Deoxys and Darkrai would have to be able to submit to anyone that intervenes in its way and to govern all the regions.

More its plans will turn out to be interrupted by the teo boys of Cherrygrove Citg, who now must detain Team Enigma, and avoid that three dragons come down on tbe South Island in Latio and be the only one again,
so avoiding a world catastrophe.


Travel in a fully new Johto region, with new characters
Discover the fully new Latio region, with a singular maps and places
The graphic system are fully new, using devamps of tiles and sprites of Pokemon Black and White
132 new Pokemon of the 3rd to the 6th generation.
Fully remapped Johto
A Battle Frontier with Practice Machines Battle.
A new perspective of the Goldenrod City map, near to Castelia City (No in 3D, is GBC)
Global Station in Goldenrod.
The gym's indoor are fully redisigned
Enogh of events are rescripted
Some Pokemon are obtainable for special events in-game.
Soundfront are changed, using OSTs of all time games of Pokemon
New device for the player, the C-Gear!
Battle with fairies, the fairy tipe are included, and the existent effectiveness/weakness of the types are updated.
Added nee trainers, and the existent have an update of the roosts.
New evolution items, and new method of evolution of trade evolution pokemon
Moves are splitted by Phsichycal/Special like the newest games
The Caves and Forest of Johto are redisigned
54 new moves with animations, 19 new TMs y 16 new items
You can climb some ledges with Rock Climb
Some underwater places accesible diving
In two languajes, English and Spanish

Media Center


Credits to La Flaca for the fanbar


Sprites: Soloo993, JavcDark, Polloron, Mateo, Blue Emerald, Pokekoks, Neslug, Fex and I
Tiles: Soloo993, Mateo, WesleyFG, Melash, War, RED, Hek el Grande and Dark_Max

Beta 1 coming soon...

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Looks professionnal but hope the fact that Mateo is in this team and in the Ancient platinum's one, won't postpone Christmas =(
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Zoe Ayamoto
Only Love Me...or Die
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Zoe Ayamoto

Originally Posted by Xanathos View Post
Looks professionnal but hope the fact that Mateo is in this team and in the Ancient platinum's one, won't postpone Christmas =(
I put Mateo in the team because is the original creator, he onlu helps me giving ideas and some hints, the sprites, tiles, maps, scripts, ASM routines an other things is maded by me.
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Luna Luna Luna Luna Luna

Originally Posted by Xanathos View Post
Looks professionnal but hope the fact that Mateo is in this team and in the Ancient platinum's one, won't postpone Christmas =(
Don't worry, this won't delay Christmas any more than real life already delays it. My contributions to this mostly come from the past, in the form of things that were in the original Sterling Silver. But I still contribute ideas and stuff like that. But like he said, ~G0LD! is the one doing the actual hacking and putting stuff into the rom and all of that. I'm mainly just here to make it "official" or something xD

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Zoe Ayamoto
Only Love Me...or Die
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Zoe Ayamoto

Update 20/5

I have a lot for scans for show , and this is the news.

1. Cover

Thanks to my friend laflacapkm for make for me this beatiful cover, I think if is super beatiful *0*.

2. Indoor Tilesets

I decided to redo the indoor tilesets, and its done, check it!

3. Trainer Card

The trainer card is your identification right? but in the identification documents the photo of your isn't take in fully body, only the half of body, is because I change the fully sprite to a mugshot.

4. Trainer Dex

Is a little compilation of the new trainer sprites is Im replacing, take a look of all (All sprites are fully private and you cant use this sprites)

Its all things to show now, please wait for more updates!!!
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brb crying myself to sleep
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Looks great, especially the trainer card.
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I'm only attracted at the box art and the titles

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fury, ice, pokemon, silver, sterling, [GB/GBC]

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