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Originally Posted by The_Learner View Post
DOes your hack happen to have pokemons from further gens ???

and also what about forms then ??

If you havent added the forms to the hack..
you might want to look here.

and I would also love to see you here:
There are no newer-gen Pokémon just yet. Of course, I do still plan on creating an 'expanded PokéDex version' of the game at some point, where there will be a certain selection of them.

For now the only form changes I'm going for is Deoxys' Speed and Normal forms, but if I can properly expand the Dex (keeping save file compatibility) I'd like its other forms too. If not, I'd just like to be able to switch the two mentioned forms in-game somehow. I know there is a method to permanently switch between them (by hard-coding it into the ROM), but it would be really cool to do it without expanding the Dex. I suppose an ASM routine would be able to do this, but I am no expert on ASM right now. If anyone can put together something like this (speed/normal form temporary change in-game) and share it, that would be epic.

I'll check out the links you gave, and I will be visiting the Discord more often soon. Unfortunately I've got college finals this week but after that I will be working on all of this a lot more.

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