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Default Site suggestion thread

Hello to all the admins of this website and a special greeting to the webmaster as well as the web developer.

Straight to the point the suggestion I would like to make are
1. adding attributes to all the main threads, like for the hack studio thread adding attributes like [FR] [EM] [RUBY] [BLACK] [X AND Y] etc, so that upon clicking them only the post with those attributes will load.
and making it visible just under the forum name
"threads in forum: tools, utilities and resources"

2. Removing the graphics, music and patches as the sub forum from the Tools, utilities and resources thread...
How about making the graphics and music as a forum instead of a sub-forum in rom hacking and including the patches in tools, utilities and resources thread.

3. adding a new major forum like (central pho, rom hacking etc) with other sub forums of course where we talk about main series game or might be the animies as well.

4. also a sub forum in rom hacking might be like "problem and solution" where the hackers can share their problem instead of sharing it in any forum they like.

5. and also i would like to suggest to change the smilies... they are nice but I dont think if they are much appropiate....

and my major concern now is as "pokemon sun and moon is the burning issue in the pokemon world right now we should try to focus a bit more in that to gain more viewers and visitors to our website.

Hope you like my idea.
pls reply to it.... waiting fot the response to my idea
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