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Exclamation Ideas, Concepts and WIP Guidelines (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)

This section is for posting your hack idea, be it a potential concept you'd like to develop and get feedback on, or something you've already begun working on. Here are a few guidelines to follow in this forum:

  • Be sure to give sufficient thought to your concept before posting. Don't post something that just came to you in half an hour; if you find yourself saying "I'll update this post later" in the first post, just post it all later.
  • Try to present your idea in an as organised a manner as possible- if you want people to see/comment on your ideas, make 'em easy to look at.
  • Post as much info as you can- don't be stingy with your ideas, so people can give you more feedback.
  • Screenshots are optional, but probably helpful. Realistically, you shouldn't be posting an idea unless you have at least some sort of hacking ability to express your own idea. However, if you are not a ROM hacker but you have some ideas to contribute to the hacking community, then your ideas are welcome!
  • Give credit where it's due- for tools used, resources (graphics, music, etc), people who might be working on the project with you and so on. By the forums' rules, refusing to acknowledge credit (a.k.a. stealing someone's work) will result in a penalty.
  • Be polite when giving feedback. Don't be a jerk if you think something sucks, but don't be too nice. Be a constructive critic.
  • On the other hand, you must accept others' opinions when receiving feedback for your posted work. Don't take it personally when someone states their opinion- use it as a way to improve!
  • If an idea/concept has sufficient progress, it can be moved to the ROM Hacks section. Send me or any of the Super Moderators, Merged Staff or higher a message if you think you've progressed enough for your thread to be moved. (Don't just post in your thread- more often than not, we'll miss it).

That's it for now. This thread may be updated with new guidelines as time goes on.

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