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Originally Posted by Slawter View Post
Has there been any progress on this recently?
Sadly no. I've not long finished university and I've been concentrating on writing my CV and developing my game instead of this. The fact that text rendering has broken too isn't helping.

Originally Posted by Slawter View Post
EDIT: How will the tiling system work for mapping, will it work exactly the same as gen III games, or will there be slight variations?
It's similar, but not identical. Obviously, hardware limitations dictate just how much you can actually do with the tile system. The tiles themselves are all but identical, albeit I render them in a slightly different way.

However, tile animations are very different and significantly easier to add than the vanilla gen 3 games. If you've ever used Lu-Ho's tile animation hack, it's very similar to that in this engine.

Originally Posted by Black Charizard View Post
First of all great project!
It would be great to have no limitations when creating a game in the GameFreak style
In what language is the engine coded if I may ask? C? C++? Or?
It's written in C, although I am now starting to consider redoing it in C++ from scratch. C, while powerful, has a large number of issues for a project like this which I am having trouble getting around.
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