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I have a big update today! I finally got around to adding all Gen 2 and Gen 4 evolutions of Gen 1 Pokemon! This brings the Pokedex total to 182:

All the Gen 2 sprites came straight from GSC.
These are the Gen 4 sprites I used:

Mime Jr. [front]: Blue Emerald
Mime Jr. [back]: Danny-E 33

Happiny [front]: Blue Emerald
Happiny [back]: Danny-E 33

Munchlax [front]: Blue Emerald
Munchlax [back]: Danny-E 33

Magnezone: Blue Emerald

Lickilicky: Blue Emerald

Rhyperior: Danny-E 33

Tangrowth: Chaos Rush

Electivire [front]: amvz08
Electivire [back]: Chaos Rush

Magmortar: Chaos Rush

Leafeon [front]: Dash
Leafeon [back]: Danny-E 33

Glaceon: Blue Emerald

Porygon-Z: Danny-E 33

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