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Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
I've been enjoying the hack so far and I noticed something minor while playing... when it comes to the Wally Tutorial battle, once he pulls up the bag menu, then selects the ball, once it goes back to the normal battle screen, it turns to day even though it's supposed to be night.

Just something minor I found. If you'd fix it, I'd really appreciate it! Otherwise, this has been a really enjoyable hack.
Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
This seems to be the best 386 for Emerald right now. There are still a few random issues (like the Wally Tutorial night glitch mentioned in the above post), but that's to be expected for now.
Thanks for commenting, both of you.

I was unaware of that glitch, but right now I am uncertain of how to actually fix it; ASM might even be required. It does look pretty tacky so if anyone out there knows a way to fix this in the meantime please let me know so it can be done ASAP (you will receive credit for your help).

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