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What does this button do?.....
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Originally Posted by DarkPsychic View Post
Thank you very much Karatekid552 ^_^

Now I just need to teach my self a little more about breakpoints and how in the heck to use No$gba debugger or another debugger because those things are just not easy to work, or it could be my lack of skill and knowledge about Asm...hahaha

I do oddly understand to a point what you are saying though...
I have a lot of reading to do at this point...
Double click on an offset in No$ to set a breakpoint.:P

ctrl+g to go to an offset. (don't forget the "08"!)

F3 is next command, but skip BLs.

F7 is next command, follow BLs.

F9(?) is run to next breakpoint (if it exists.)

And that is all you need!
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