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Originally Posted by Armityle Phantom View Post
. Um.. this may sound like a really dumb question, but have I can't see the download link for your hack, I"d be happy to showcase your hack, but I need to play it 1st.
Beta 1 is going to be releasing this month, I hope. You can showcase it when the 1st beta comes out.

Originally Posted by JJdaJett View Post
Prior to reading this I had no idea what yellow arc was about and was dreading playing as a little girl.. but this is a really cool plot. I might have to read the manga.
You should read it its really good!

Originally Posted by Mr.Mako View Post
Got ya covered. I added a bit to my sig on pc under where I had the banner for this (worked well since the three for aestheodes are above it).
Thanks. I got more banners now so you can use those too.

Almost half way threw Do Wrong, Dewgong Chapter! Screenshots will be release when I'm Half Way threw the chapter!

Also should I extend the prologue to put Ponyta Tale Chapter into the Game!
Quick message below Yes or No for I should or for I shouldn't!

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