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Talking Pokemon Ultra

I've been hard at work on a total overhaul and rebalance mod for fire red making it alot more like a real RPG with depth and less attack spamming. I've heavily modified the stats and have implemented many new balance formulas. My beta is complete up until you get the boulder badge if anyone would like to check it out. I've already spent probably 100 hours or more on this. Some of what has changed and is being changed include-

3 evolution Base Pokemon stat total 120

2 evolution Base Pokemon stat total 180

1 evolution Base Pokemon stat total 270

Ev's based on stat total
+1 for every base stat over 50

Attack formulas
Damage 1-5, ACC 75, PP 50
Damage 6-10, ACC 70, PP 45
Damage 11-20, ACC 65, PP 35
Damage 21-30, ACC 60, PP 25
Damage 31-40, ACC 55, PP 10
Damage 41-50, ACC 50, PP 5
Defense buffs always 100% ACC, always 25 PP
Offensive Debuffs always 60% ACC, always 25 PP.

Pokemon that evolve twice evolve at levels 20 and 40
Pokemon that evolve once evolve at level 30

Damage added to weak status moves such as tail whip and growl.

Area before gym 1, Trainer Pokemon lvl 1-10, Gym Pokemon lvl 11-15,
Wild Pokemon lvl 1-10

Area before gym 2, Trainer Pokemon lvl 11-20, Gym Trainer Pokemon lvl 21-25,
Wild Pokemon lvl 1-19

Area before gym 3, Trainer Pokemon lvl 21-30, Gym Pokemon lvl 31-35, Wild Pokemon lvl 1-29

Area before gym 4, Trainer Pokemon level 31-40, Gym Pokemon lvl 41-45, Wild Pokemon lvl 1-40

Area before gym 5, Trainer Pokemon level 41-50, Gym Pokemon lvl 51-55, Wild Pokemon lvl 1-50

Area before gym 6, Trainer Pokemon level 51-60, Gym Pokemon lvl 61-65, Wild Pokemon lvl 1-60

Area before gym 7, Trainer Pokemon level 61-70, Gym Pokemon lvl 71-75, Wild Pokemon lvl 1-70

Area before gym 8, Trainer Pokemon level 71-80, Gym Pokemon lvl 81-85, Wild Pokemon lvl 1-80

Pokemon after gym 8 and elite 4, Trainer Pokemon level 81-90, Elite 4 Pokemon lvl 91-95, Wild Pokemon lvl 1-90

Champion/Rival Pokemon lvl 91-100

Post game trainer Pokemon undecided. Possibly divided in zones like the rest of the game?

All gym leaders and trainers rematchable? If so all wild Pokemon will be lvls 1-10 before first gym
After second gym wild Pokemon that evolve twice will be level 1-19
Pokemon that evolve once will be level 1-29
Pokemon that don't evolve will be level 1-40
1/2 evolution Pokemon will be lvl 20-25
2/2 evolution Pokemon will be lvl 40-45
1/1 evolution Pokemon will be lvl 30-35

Type table realistic rebalance modified Pokemon types and attack types accordingly
All stats and attacks rebalanced
Items and shops modified
Added rival SILVER and Team Rocket Jesse&James Double battles
Catch tables and safari zone modified
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