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Originally Posted by Elsa View Post
A hack that supports FireRed and LeafGreen? I am thoroughly impressed! I love this hack and I will probably take the time to play it soon and just listen to its 8-bit awesomeness.
Thanks! So long as it feels like a definitive version of the 1st Gen games, the hack is doing its job. Having options for music like that is pretty dang important, especially if the classic music is so...classic. It's the reason I started the hack in the first place!

Originally Posted by Akkain View Post
Hi man, thats a really interesting project.
I'll download it, one more thing which version of firered you used to do the hack? I'm really looking where the sprites of boy / girl selection screen are (and trainer battle sprites too) (in unzl-gba) could you tell me or just send me a PM? I can only locate the overworld sprites and trainer card. Thank you.
Sorry, 2 words, google translate.
As per the OP, the FireRed ROM used is BPRE v1.0. You'll know it because the base ROM will lack the word "Presents" on the Game Freak opening screen.

As for the locations of the Wardrobe art, look at the documentation for locations in the ROM for each custom sprite. They'll appear right after the map information. If there isn't a listing for a specific sprite, which is the case for all art related to the female trainer, it's in the same location as the original art.

Also, if you intend to use the Wardrobe art in a hack that you will release to others, please be sure to give me credit for the sprite edits.
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