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Originally Posted by Adrevi View Post
Hi, I’m Adrevi. I’m here because of the happenings over at Pokecommunity. There’s been talk of reviving PHO as a community and although I’m a little doubtful, I’ll try to stay optimistic and see it through for the while being. I haven’t really done anything forum-wise though; you generally found me in one of the discord servers instead, so I’m pretty unfamiliar with what to do.

As for what I’ll try and do hacking-wise… I’ve been keeping my eye out on pokecrystal, because it’s a finished disassembly and because I found projects like Prism, Orange and Coral to be oddly inspiring. Once pokeruby and pokeemerald are further along, I might switch over to Gen 3 hacking instead, but who knows. I also draw sprites and the like, sometimes.
Welcome! I've been messing around with Pokememerald and have plans to post stuff. Since it's now the weekend I'm sure people will be working on the site in the next couple of days.
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