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Originally Posted by lucario2k17 View Post
Just stumbled upon this game. I really like the looks of it. Going to give it a go. I have a couple of questions too.

Is this 100% completed ( with just updates ). Like, can you beat the game? And is the name of that trade evolution item a trade stone or link cable?

Keep up the goood work.
Thanks, lucario2k17! Yeah, this one still the complete Emerald Version but it's getting lots of additional features and bonuses added to it to make it even better.

The new Evo item is called the "Link Stone", which is currently only located at the Game Corner and must be purchased with coins. I do plan to leave a few more of these randomly throughout the game.

As a side announcement, the next update will include at least one new music track: A RSE-style remix of the Johto Wild Battle theme for all non-legendary Johto Pokémon (+Celebi) that are not part of the Hoenn Pokédex. As of right now, I am also making a new version of the Suicune/Raikou/Entei battle theme (which is now almost finished), since the one that is already in Emerald's coding could use a bit more detail. After this, the main plan is to progress towards making Jirachi available as well as insert more music. I will eventually be giving Latios/Latias their own unique theme too, and getting some music to change based on night/day.

Originally Posted by lucario2k17 View Post
Good to know

I'm trying to get into rom hacking myself, but I don't even know how to change the battle box sadly.

I wanted this:

To become this:
I've wanted to do the same thing too, I looked around for info about it but ultimately never got around to doing it. That was some years ago though, maybe I'll try again soon. The purple battle box and black/gray action menu in my hack are only palette changes and not new images, but I may change that sometime.

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