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Originally Posted by Kristofferst View Post
It's good. I hope Jirachi and Fairy type will be available in the game next update.
It's going to take some time to get the map and event for Jirachi finished, but while I work on that I will still be releasing improvements and other additions.

As for Fairy type, that wasn't really planned for this hack but I just might make a separate patch of the game that has this feature. I wanted to keep the gameplay a bit more pre-2007 but with more content, enhancements, and only small bonuses from later generations. I am, however thinking about adding a new Type to this game exclusively for one or two special 'Pokémon'.

UPDATE: Oh also I just noticed there are a few very minor pixel errors with the new title screen (4 pixels are outside of palette range, and 1 pixel I intended to remove). I will be fixing that in a bit and reuploading the patch, and also updating the image in my last post.

UPDATE 2: TitleScreen Updated!

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