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Default (FR) Pokemons receive EXP after capturing

First, I'm sorry if you can't understand some parts in my post; English isn't my native language.

After reading JPAN's battle scripts thread on PC (Link: ), I wanted to try to make pokemons receive Exp after capturing.

What will happen:
1: Capture
2: EXP
3: Pokedex data
4: Nickname stuff
5: Back to normal game

Here's how to do it:
-Open your ROM with a hex editor
-Write this into freespace:
2E E0 3F 02 02 00 2E 0C 3C 02 02 00 2E 0D 3C 02 02 00 23 00 F1 63 9A 1D 08 28 58 9A 1D 08

-Go to 1D9A53, and replace the original bytes with 41 XX XX XX 08 (XX being the address where you wrote ^the code above^. Example: I wrote it at 456750, so I replaced the XX with 50 67 45).

-Next, go to 15A68, and replace the bytes with A1 5A 01 08.

There shouldn't be any issues from now on, but please PM me/post on this thread if there are any.

Thanks to DoesntKnowHowToPlay for helping me fix the music issue.
Credits to JPAN for his documentation on the battle scripts.

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