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Default Hacks of the Seasons and Years

'Tis the season to be ROM Hacking! Hey guys, today we are announcing our first ever Hack of the Season and the first quarter of our Hack of the Year system!

Unlike our previous contests, which were hacks based on a time limit, any hack can enter this competition, provided they meet the following criteria:
  • Hack must have a playable beta released during the Winter months.
  • Hacks must be consistently updated in the Winter months, and have a beta either from the Winter season or from before it.

On December 1st we will be opening a thread for all of your nominations, and on February 1st, any hacks nominated that fit the criteria from above can be voted on until February 15th.

Awards will be announced the following week, which include the following:

Community Choice Award
This award goes to the hack that gets the most votes by the community. This award also gives the winner eligibility to enter the competition for Hack of the Year.

2nd Place
This award goes to the runner-up of Community Choice.

3rd Place
This award goes to the third top hack in Community Choice.

Staff's Choice Award
This award goes to the hack picked by the staff, including a thorough review of the hack.

We will be repeating this every season until the end of the Autumn Season, when we will also be running the Hack of the Year competition. Every winner of each season will be a contestant for HotY, which will then be voted on by both the community and the staff. Each contestant shall receive a thorough review from the staff as well. The latest betas up until that point will be used, not the one that won their respective season.

Well, that about covers all of that, happy hacking! The official nomination thread will be posted in Site Talk and Suggestions on December 1st.
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