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Originally Posted by Gameskiller01 View Post
Thanks! You know how I'm still really dumb? How would I find Steven's existing script in XSE? I feel like if I was to compile the new script I'd almost definitely do something wrong. Sorry for bothering you this much, I did do a Google search to see if I could find anything without having to bother you again, but nothing came up. Thanks again for all your help!

EDIT: Or if you could tell me how to safely compile the new script that would be fine as well, whichever is easier for you. Thanks again!
Hey, no problem! I wanted to go ahead and tell you how to do both things (especially since others may be wondering the same thing too), and I also really do appreciate your gratitude. Don't worry, you aren't a bother at all: especially since you have been trying to figure this stuff out on your own as well. As for your questions:

You can find the offset for the script in A-Map, it is located in the events tab for Steven's location in Meteor Falls when his sprite is selected in the viewer (which should be automatic since he is the only sprite on this paticular map). From here, you can open the ROM in XSE and enter that script offset in the offset box and click on the 'screwdriver and wrench' icon next to it to decompile the script.

A much easier way to do this though is to use A-Map's "Open script" button which is a bit below where it shows the offset from earlier. To make it work though, you'll have to have it set to open XSE as your script editor (you can do that by clicking "Choose script editor" in A-Map's Settings drop-down menu and locating XSE's executable file). In the prompt that asks you about separation of the offset from the ROM name, just go ahead and hit "No". From then on, it should open the scripts you want as long as you have one selected in A-Map.

To compile your finished script to free space instead, you will have to replace the script addresses in the parts you edited with a dynamic label, like "@myscriptstartshere". An example of this kind of thing is my script in post #14. To be safe, I typically just replace all used offsets with dynamic labels so they get their own space away from the normal data when compiled.The whole script (like my example) should start with:
#freespace 0xFF <---- To make sure the right kind of space is used.
#dynamic 0x?????? <---- Your free space offset.

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