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BigBoss 26th September 2014 08:25 PM

Pokemon Wonder Guard Version (Emerald Hack) (12/29/14)
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Pokemon Wonder Guard Version
(Emerald Hack)

*Note: Fakemon shown not available yet.*

I'm BigBoss (AeroMaster7 on PC). This is my third attempt at a hack after a few years of taking a break. I decided to do something simple and start with a mod-like hack instead of a story hack (which is much harder especially if you're still getting back into hacking). I was active on PC for a while then left and decided to come back to hacking. Anyways enough about me let's get into the hack! :D


The storyline follows the same as Pokemon Emerald but the catch is that every Pokemon has Wonder Guard as an Ability instead of their normal Abilities. (Note: Wonder Guard Ability means that only “Super Effective” Moves Hit the foe). I know this sounds silly at first but my reason for creating this game was that so people could use a Randomizer or do Nuzlockes as a challenge not so that people would play it as is. Although you are more than welcome to play it as is too!

Beta (6/18/16)

Patch the .IPS file to a clean Pokemon Emerald ROM U.S. Edition. (Find it on your own). You can use LIPS or any other patching software (I used LIPS to make the .IPS).

Other than the fact that all the Pokemon do not have normal abilities I added some other things with the help of other hackers.

*Fairy Type along with other Fairy moves is now available (Thanks to LLCoolJ95 over at PC and his Emerald Base).
*Sylveon is now available (Thanks to Aethestode who is my inspiration). You can find it instead of the first In Game Trade. (Note: You CANNOT evolve Eevee into Sylveon and you cannot catch it in the wild due to a glitch.)
*Altered Movesets for some Pokemon (I know certain Pokemon do not learn certain moves but I did this in order for the game to be beatable).
*Difficulty increase makes the game somewhat harder but it is not fully complete.
*The starters from all 3 regions can be caught before you get to the first gym. (You’ll just have to find them).
*Evolution changes for Pokemon that need to Evolve through trading.
*Marts have different items.
*Event Tickets are purchasable at the Elite 4 (Note: See Glitch Section at bottom).
*DNS: There’s a Day and Night System Now.
*Altered Types on some Pokemon.
*Shedinja has more than 1HP to compensate.
*You get to battle me instead of Steven after you beat the game.
*Some other surprises you'll have to find on your own :D
*Retyped normal type damaging moves
Future Plans:
Thanks to fellow Expert Emerald Hacker Hoenn and Pokemon Theta Hacker LLCoolJ96

I have something bigger planned something HUGE coming soon!

These are glitches that I cannot resolve at the moment or that are minor enough to be left alone. If you encounter one not here let me know and I will add it. They descend in severity. (The lower you go the more serious).

There are some problems here but I can't find em all yet.

*Sylveon’s animation is somewhat glitchy.
*”THE END” Color Scheme is not correct (Not intending to fix this because it will cause more issues and it is not doing anything to harm the game play.)
*Sylveon has no Pokedex entry.
*Some Trainers are unbeatable without certain Pokemon or Moves. Therefore you need to save often and you may have to restart from your last save point.
*If you encounter a Sylveon in the wild for what ever reason (maybe I did not fully remove it) DO NOT CAPTURE IT! Just run away or you will break your save. Only get the one in the In-Game Trade in Rustboro City.

Release Info:
6/18/16 Retyped normal moves

5/5/16 Added a ton of minor features thanks to Dabomstew's Universal Randomizer Tool. Decap, National Dex at the start, running indoors.

4/27/16 Version-Fixed Sylveon not having Wonder Guard

Fixed major glitch not allowing you to KO Zigzagoon. V3.5

Fixed Rival bug and everything should be working. V4

Q: This Pokemon doesn’t learn this move!
A:Read above.

Q:Help me I encountered a trainer I can’t beat!
A: Save often because this is a hard issue to fix. At the moment there is no solution other than for me to go back and edit every single trainer (which would delay the hack to the point that it will never be finished) or that you enter a cheat that allows you to run from a trainer battle (which I do not recommend) or just restart and quick save before battles.

Q:I can’t find this Pokemon?
A:I will do my best to add it but at the moment the only additional Pokemon you will find that are not normally in Emerald are the starters.

Q: Do you need beta testers?
A:If you do play the game you’re already a beta tester! :)

Q:Why doesn’t the Day and Night System work on my emulator?
A:Just Enable RTC in whatever emulator you use. (This does not need to be done in Android or iOS emulators unless specified.)

Q:What’s the point of this hack?
A:I made a hack that I like and it’s a challenge hack more so than a story hack.

Q:If I catch Sableye will I be invincible because he has no weakness in Gen 3?
A: Nope :P There's Fairy Type to balance it out so no one is invincible.


6/18/16 (X will be redone later and so will the new surprise)

The Team:
Just me at the moment :)

Aethestode: My mentor and inspiration who created the Pokemon Adventure Hack Series.
LLCoolJ95: For creating the Pokemon Emerald Fairy Base which my ROM Hack is made from over at PC. And for the upcoming surprise I have.
HackMew(3): For all the tools he created that I used.
KarateKid552: Without him this hack literally would not be possible because of all his contributions to the hacking community and all the tools he created that I used.
Hoenn-He has allowed me to use Expert Emerald as a Base so in the next update there will be a lot more progress.

Side Note On Randomizer:
You're welcome to use any randomizer but I suggest not Randomizing the Abilities (Duh!) and the In-Game Trades because you will not be able to get Sylveon that way.

I recommend this

Suggestions or Comments:
Let me know if you have any ideas, improvements, comments, or concerns! :D

Next Update Will Include
Various Add-Ons and fixes and huge surprise.
In the process of making a Fire Red Version but there are a lot of bugs that are getting in the way so I can only work on it when I figure out the problems. As for Emerald I pretty much have done all I could other than minor Fakemon Additions and that would come in the next update. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Hi guys I know I have been away for awhile but I will be coming back gradually I promise. I released a 6-18-16 .ips that includes fixes for most problems in the Randomized version. The only issue is that it does not have a 386+ patch (YET!) I am working on it and hope to wrap mostly all of it up in the early summer so I can move to a new project (I have a Fire Red version and Platinum version in mind) but first I want to make this fully playable both with and without a randomizer. The one I have uploaded is fully playable without a randomizer and with one so I am going to shift focus on the 386+ one first. I hope you all enjoy!

Pia Carrot 26th September 2014 09:32 PM

Hi, I've deleted your double post as I doubt you will ever need a second post for specifically updates. You could always add that to the OP if you wanted to. Updates are better used as a way to bump the thread anyway, so I suggest you use them in that regard.

BigBoss 26th September 2014 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by Pia Carrot (Post 133101)
Hi, I've deleted your double post as I doubt you will ever need a second post for specifically updates. You could always add that to the OP if you wanted to. Updates are better used as a way to bump the thread anyway, so I suggest you use them in that regard.

Hey you're the boss lol and yeah you're right I didn't think that through and at least I get the bonus bump :3 Thanks for the heads up!

RocketLeader 27th September 2014 05:10 PM

I've thought of that Wonder Guard idea too, especially it should be way harder and more fun...

BigBoss 27th September 2014 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by RocketLeader (Post 133115)
I've thought of that Wonder Guard idea too, especially it should be way harder and more fun...

So is it good or bad so far? (If you played it yet).

RocketLeader 27th September 2014 06:39 PM

I haven't yet(exams and such stuff) but I think I try it out one time.

BigBoss 28th September 2014 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by RocketLeader (Post 133117)
I haven't yet(exams and such stuff) but I think I try it out one time.

Same I know how it is :)

aethestode 29th September 2014 12:16 PM

Congrats, wish you all the best.

BigBoss 8th October 2014 11:36 AM

Updated to Beta X see OP of details :)

sword 9th October 2014 07:27 AM

Good Idea But You Know Its a Mess When I attack Zigzagoon He can't attack me and i also can't attack him you should give a fighting move to the starter to attack the zigzagoon.

Otherwise The Titlescreen is good and also the Idea.

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