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Pokeeng 16th November 2016 05:40 AM

Pokemon Impossible Crystal - A Difficulty Hack
Welcome all to Pokemon Impossible Crystal!

While the game is not literally impossible, I did make sure to make it extremely challenging. As someone who has played Crystal 20+ times, I always tried to implement new challenges; now I've made a monster. It's safe to say the game is harder than Kaizo, but much more forgiving.

The hack includes:
- All Gym leaders and Elite 4 possessing teams of 6 using only the best Pokemon of their respective types and moves.
- The ability to catch all Pokemon except for Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi, Ho-oh, and Lugia before the League.
- Universal TM/HM compatibility so no limiting yourself when it comes to HM slaves!
- Since there is a lack of physical/special split, many Pokemon have had their stats adjusted to make them mixed attackers or have make better use of their STAB moves (i.e. Sneasel now has better SpAtk than Atk).
- Several type changes to add variety for trainers as well as to your own roster! These changes include:
- Golduck --> Water/Psychic
- Farfetch'd --> Flying/Fighting
- Doduo --> Flying/Ground
- Dodrio --> Flying/Ground
- Electabuzz --> Electric/Fighting
- Magmar --> Fire/Psychic
- Pinsir --> Bug/Fighting
- Noctowl --> Flying/Psychic
- Ampharos --> Electric/Dragon
- Dunsparce --> Normal/Dragon
- Granbull --> Normal/Fighting
- Cut is now Grass 70 BP and Strength is now Rock 80 BP
- Every single trainer has been edited to be stronger and have better teams overall

Be sure to give any feedback and edit suggestions as well as bugs! Good luck and remember, it's not literally impossible!


mlggaben 4th January 2017 01:19 PM

im going to try it today. it sounds impossible :)

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