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WenXiangLee 15th December 2015 03:10 AM

My Idea Is Make Pokémon Game.
My Idea Is Make A Pokémon Game.
But I Need Name To Make Pokémon Game. Pokémon Creature Name:
Mewthree (Psychic And Fight Type)
Chridarker (Dark And Fire Type)
Migratiark (Dark And Water Type)
Cherircky (Ground And Grass Type)
Piuahcahu (Psychic Type)
IBlock (Psychic Type)
IWood (Normal Type)
Ramsgrey (Ice Type)
Mrakupopa (Fight Type)
BRLD (Black Red Light Dragon) (Dragon And Dark Type)
GBD (Gray Blue Dragon) (Dragon And Water Type)
BRGBLD (Blue Red Gray Black Light Dragon) (Dark And Dragon Type)
Burildmon (Flying Type)
Pekatwo (Replace The Name Of Mewtwo)
Peka (Replace The Name OF Mewtwo
Tell Me A Good Pokémon Name To Put Here!

New Town,City And Dungeons (Even Cave And More!):
Chramo Cave
Meran Town
Hooperas City
Hewper Town
Tell Me A Good Place Name To Put Here!

Trainer Name:
Jr.Darkness Master (Boy)
Darkness Master (Boy)
Leader Darkness Master (Boy)
Sarry Cherrie (Girl)
Tell Me A Good Trainer Name To Put Here.

item Name:
Darkness Berries (Heal Pokémon 300HP)
Darkness Stone (Evolve ???????? And ?????????)
Lightness Stone (Evolve ???????? And ?????????)
TELL ME a Good item Name!

Pokémon Game Name:Pokémon Drakness Legend And Lightness Legend

Reply And Tell Me To Put Some Name Here.

WenXiangLee 15th December 2015 04:35 AM

I Am No A Good Coding.

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